Monday, 4 February 2013

Today's Review: Hitchcock

While I have watched many movies in recent years, there is a significant gap in my movie knowledge that starts around the early 90s and continues back through time. As such, the only Alfred Hitchcock movie I have watched os far is Rear Window, though I am eager to watch more, especially after watching Hitchcock, a wonderful little movie about Alfred's quest to make his classic movie Psycho.

Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchcock, the eponymous director, while Helen Mirren portrays his wife, Alma. After creating many hit movies and gaining a significant amount of fame in the industry, Hitchcock is drawn to a book named Psycho, chronicling the crimes of serial killer Ed Gein. Hitchcock is determined to make this his next movie, but with little support from the studios, and some cracks beginning to show in his relationship with his wife, it could be easier said than done.

Yes, I know I've never watched Psycho, but I know enough about it to follow what was happening in Hitchcock. Perhaps if I were well versed in the original movie, I would have picked up and related to more in this one, but as it stands I certainly enjoyed it. It gives us an insight into the mind of Hitchcock, a man dedicated to his art, and while the movie is a bit slow in places, the outstanding performances of Hopkins and Mirren always save it from mediocrity. Hitchcock is a dramatic, interesting, and funny movie that provides some excellent insights into the movie industry, and of course the man himself (and his lady).

My rating: 4/5

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