Friday 8 February 2013

Today's Review: Sultanas

Raisins are a staple of many foods nowadays, be it bagels, flapjacks or simply on their own as a snack. But while I do enjoy chomping on a nice portion of raisins, I much prefer sultanas.

What's the difference between a sultana and a raisin? Well, to start with, raisins are dried dark grapes, while sultanas are lighter grapes, and that makes it weird, because in terms of grapes, I prefer darker colours to lighter ones. But in my time of eating raisins I have found them to be more dried up and wrinkly than their lighter brethren, and the discovery of stalks and things has been somewhat high. With sultanas I've never had that problem. They are chewier and smoother than raisins, and it makes them much more pleasurable and juicy to eat. So if you like your raisins and have never tried sultanas, just do it. You may never go back.

My rating: 5/5

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