Friday 2 August 2013

Today's Review: Bio Green Dairy Lassi

I've had some experience of lasso before, but only because it was the only thing I had ingredients for in the Cooking Guide DS game. It's a yoghurt drink, but pretty much a watered down one, and I finally saw one for sale in the form of this offering from Bio Green Dairy.

It's made in Middlesex, though the description on the bottle left me wondering about the creators' grasp of the English language.This is a "premium traditional-style Lasso with its upbeat take on life. It's the perfect blend of tradition and modern tastes. which is why Edna the cow is leaping with joy on this label!" Well, the cow doesn't have a face, so it's hard to see if she's overjoyed, but those udders sure are looking excited. As for the drink having an "upbeat take on life", I have no idea how to gauge a liquid's attitude towards its own existence. So my only option was to drink it to extinction.

Anyway, this certainly is a nice, fruity, smooth drink, at first anyway. There are some fruity lychee chunks contained within, and they're just big enough as to not hinder the drinking experience. But the lychee flavour leaves a lot to be desired for me. It started off nice, but eventually went the way of the mango and dried out my mouth, which left me pretty unsatisfied and still thirsty by the end of the bottle. So it's good, but not that good. Perhaps with a different fruit it could be better.

My rating: 3/5 

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  1. My advice is: Always make your own lassi :o)