Monday 5 August 2013

Today's Review: Sunburn

We, as humans, have survived on this planet for many thousands of years. We have evolved from primitive beats, gained superior intelligence and ingenuity. Our bodies have been sculpted to be precision made for using tools, fighting illness. We've managed to make the appendix an obsolete organ. But one thing we haven't done is stop the sun burning our skin.

Now, the sun isn't exactly a new thing, it's been around longer than we have. But despite humans building up a resilience to most thing on the planet, if we spend a relatively small amount of time in the sun unprotected our skin is bound to turn red and painful. Not only that, but too much sun can give you cancer, and that's just great to hear. "There's a giant star millions of miles away whose heat and light is keeping us alive, but it will not hesitate to kill you slowly if you lie down in its rays for too long".

I get it, sunburn is the result of radiation, and as far as our human resilience goes, we really still suck at dealing with radiation. That's why there are no superheroes. So in the end, we're stuck with sunburn, and it sucks. The pain, the redness, the social embarrassment the redness can cause, the peeling skin, it all sucks. Sure, we have lotions we can apply to protect ourselves, and they're actually pretty effective, but all it takes is a particularly intensive burst of sunshine or simply forgetting to apply anything, and we all turn into lobsters. Damn you, sun.

My rating: 1/5

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