Saturday 31 August 2013

Today's Review: Milka Caramel

While my very British heart is loyal to the chocolate king that is Cadbury Dairy Milk, I also have a soft spot for Milka. It's a nice, smooth chocolate that has churned out a number of interesting varieties over the last few years, like Happy Cow and Daim. But not all flavours have to be original, as evidenced by this bar of Caramel Milka. Even the packaging looks similar to Caramel Dairy Milk, and I assumed the similarities would not stop there.

I was right. This Milka bar looks a hell of a lot like a Cadbury bar, the pieces are pretty much the same size and thickness. The consistency of the caramel inside is slightly gooey. Not quite as drippy as Dairy Milk, but certainly soft, sticky caramel goodness. Being similar to the Cadbury version certainly isn't a bad thing, both are fantastic. Milka Caramel stands on its own merit as a great addition to the Milka lineup, keeping up the consistent tastiness of the brand. 

My rating: 5/5

1 comment:

  1. Bit disappointing to hear they are pretty much dairy milk caramel, then again they are delicious and the same company so its all good in the hood in the end. (so sorry for the all good in the hood)