Monday 19 August 2013

Today's Review: Tesco Worcester Sauce & Tomato Popcorn

Popcorn sure is a versatile little foodstuff. These tiny kernels can be popped with just about anything, be it sugar, salt, butter, toffee... Well, they're the main ones. But what about other things? Why can't we broaden our popcorn horizons? Are we doomed to dwell in a bland, unwavering popcorn society?

Well, no. I've already reviewed bacon popcorn, and since then I've seen various new types of savoury popcorn cropping up around supermarkets. The one that really caught my eye lately though was Tesco's own Worcester Sauce & Tomato popcorn. I love a bit of Lea & Perrins, and I rejoiced when Worcester Sauce Walkers came back into production, so this seemed like a good fit for me.

The first thing that I experienced upon opening the bag was the smell. It's certainly very strong, and certainly not like any popcorn I was used to. But after taking a peek I was greeted with some quite unassuming, normal looking popcorn. So it was time for me to grab a handful, forget everything I ever learned about popcorn, and begin anew with this strange creation.

Well, it was hard to forget all my popcorn preconceptions, but I must admit that this tastes pretty nice. It certainly takes a little bit of getting used to, but the flavour is bold, and actually goes quite well with the kernels themselves. It's not quite up to Lea & Perrins standard, and the saucy flavour is perhaps a little too intense, overwhelming the tomato and hanging around a little too long in the aftertaste. But this is certainly a good effort at an original popcorn variety, and certainly worth a try.

My rating: 4/5

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  1. Never tried popcorn like this before but you've convinced me it's not as bad as it sounds.