Tuesday 27 August 2013

Today's Review: Wall's X-Pop

On a recent trip to the farm, I happened upon this little lolly that I'd never seen before, called X-Pop. It sounds exciting, because the "X" makes it edgy. Look at that cross section too, so many layers, with all kinds of wondrous stuff inside. It promises bubble gum popping candy, atop an orange, strawberry, lemon and cola flavoured ice lolly. How could it go wrong?

Well, that's not a good start. This is less X-Pop, more XXX-Pop, you know what I mean? Yes, the bubblegum popping candy is pretty scarce, and unfortunately shaped and placed. This part wasn't too bad really, it was certainly a nice bubblegum candy with some popping candy pieces, but it was just too small, and really didn't fit with the rest of the flavours. Once the sheath was gone, I was just left with the multi-coloured ice lolly, which certainly didn't deliver on the promise of strawberry, orange, lemon and cola, and instead just tastes like a generic lemon. So overall, not a great attempt, it's literally a boring ice lolly with a gimmick shoved on top, and it looks like a penis.

My rating: 2/5