Thursday 22 August 2013

Today's Review: Domino's Hot Dog & Mustard Twisted Dough Balls

Another day, another Domino's (I don't eat Domino's every day. I promise). But this time something was different on the website. The sides menu featured a new item at the top, a new form of Twisted Dough Ball, boasting unconventional innards: hot dogs.

I've tried Domino's Jalapeño Dough Balls before, and was pleasantly surprised by their tastiness and spiciness. So I was quite excited to try these little hot dog filled morsels, especially as mustard was already included (although you can have them without mustard if you so wish). When it arrived, these balls certainly looked the part. Generous hunks of dough, each housing a small, perfectly formed hot dog, enshrined in mustard and surrounded by cheese. I was a little worried, because those hot dogs did look a bit tiny, but the only way to be sure was with a taste.

These dough balls are fantastic. You might assume that the dough to hot dog ratio might leave you with a wholly bready taste, but in fact the hot dog flavour is quite distinct and doesn't lose out in the battle for your tastebuds. I was surprised by the mustard content too. Normally I'm not too much of a fan, but there was just enough to blend in nicely with the other flavours, but not enough to overpower my senses. These are satisfying, chewy, meaty morsels. I think I still prefer the jalapeño version, but these still score very highly.

My rating: 5/5

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