Friday 30 August 2013

Today's Review: Haribo Pandas

Kids and grown ups love it so, because kids love sweets, and the Haribo company is an immortal sugar producing monster, so we will continue to love it through adulthood until we perish, but the happy world of Haribo shall endure.

Ahem, here's a new product from Haribo, in the form of some cute little pandas. I assume it's new anyway, it's hard to tell what's been around in other countries for years and what's only just been dreamed up, but Google doesn't show any mention of these before this year. These pandas are vanilla and blueberry flavour, as pointed out by the big sticker on the front. I guess that's in case you look at the packet and think they're, I dunno, white chocolate and liquorice, or drywall and pavement. I jest, it's nice to know what you're getting yourself into when you try some new sweeties.

Here's a close up of our happy little Pandas. They're all identical to one another, which is a shame, it would be nice to have little panda characters doing panda-like things, like eating bamboo or... whatever else pandas do. As you can see, the heads are vanilla flavour, and the bodies blueberry. It's a neat, simple idea, and the flavours are actually pretty nice and accurate to the description. The actual consistency of the pandas is pretty much like the old fashioned shrimp sweets, but softer. It actually lends well to the flavour, creating a nice, soft, smooth, fruity flavour. These pandas are a bit bigger than your regular Haribo sweets too, so you don't have to shove a handful into your face to experience the full effect of the flavour.

These are a lovely new addition to the extensive Haribo range, and actually quite unique compared to all the other similar kinds that have been churned out in recent years. I opened up this bag at a party, and everyone who tried one agreed that they are very nice. These are definitely worth a buy.

My rating: 5/5


  1. These look so cute! Any chance that they are vegetarian or am I being optimistic? Haha
    Great review :)

    1. They may not contain real panda, but I'm assuming it's all about the gelatin.

  2. I keep seeing these recently and assumed like you they are new. Been tempted to try mainly due to looking like a panda (I'm a sucka for that kinda thing). Definatly buy some after reading your review thank you