Saturday 14 March 2015

Today's Review: Tesco Oil Sprays

I was recently offered a sample of Tesco's new oil sprays to try out. I've been using spray oil for a while now, in the form of FryLight, and have always been pretty impressed with it. I've rarely opted for the big bottles of oil, as I often use more than I should, and a spray helps me to coat a pan pretty easily with no fuss. So it's nice to see that Tesco have come out with their own range at a lower price. These oils come in four varieties: rapeseed, sunflower, olive and extra virgin olive oil, so there's a nice set of options to choose from.

Now I can't say I'm a connoisseur of oils, nor can I say that I'm particularly knowledgeable in any way. The most I use oil for is to fry up some chicken, or every so often some pancakes. But I certainly do appreciate it when my chicken doesn't stick to the pan and cause me many minutes of washing up related grief. I've tried out a few of these spray with my meals over the past week, and have found that they're extremely good at coating the pan. I've given a few sprays each time, and that has been enough to give a very generous amount of oil to cook with. Perhaps the one spray may not be enough, but I believe two would certainly do the job with a relatively large pan. Seeing as there are apparently 1,111 servings per bottle, that's certainly nothing to sniff at. As for the quality of the oil? Well, I'm probably not qualified to pass judgement on that. It's probably not as good as your fancy glass bottled stuff, but I definitely have no complaints. These oils provide a good means of lubricating your cooking utensils, and from the few drops I tried in order to figure out whether I could judge the quality, they definitely taste like any other oils I've had. I definitely wouldn't be adverse to mixing up the olive oil to make a salad dressing, while the sunflower and rapeseed have helped me cook up some no fuss chicken-based meals. 

These oil sprays are available from Tesco for £1.50 a bottle. I'll definitely be picking up some more in the future. Although I do have over 4,000 servings of these to get through first... 

My rating: 5/5


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