Sunday 15 March 2015

Today's Review: Kettle Sweet Potato Chips: Sweet Chilli

There have been a few varieties of vegetable chips springing up over the last year or so, with many companies packaging up their own combination crisps made from different root vegetables. Of all the packs I've tried, the novelty has merely rested on the fact that some interesting vegetables were used, with the actual flavour of the crisps remaining a standard salted one. But now Kettle Chips have brought out this bag of sweet potato chips with a sweet chilli flavour. I've always been a fan of spiciness, so I had to grab this bag and give it a go.

The first thing I noticed is that the bag was very light, and it didn't seem particularly full either. These kind of chips are still pretty novel, so not many have reached a decent price point yet, and even on offer this bag was still pretty pricey at £2 for 80g. Upon opening it, though, I was presented with a larger number of crisps than I expected. It turns out they're also really light. As for the taste? Well, the sweet potato itself is probably the main attraction here. Each chip is thin and crunchy, with a fantastic sweetness that sticks around long after eating. Unlike the regular potato Kettle Chips, I found that the sweet potato versions were a lot less greasy, most likely due to the baking process. I certainly didn't feel like I was tucking into a health food, but these do taste a lot "cleaner" than their potato brethren.

But what I came for was the sweet chilli flavour, and I must admit I was a little disappointed. Sure, there is some spice here, but it doesn't stick around for long. The sweetness of the crisps themselves tends to drown it out, and combined with the sweetness of the chilli, these don't pack too much of a kick. Still, there's definitely some flavour, and it's a nice upgrade from the regular salted chips I've tried before. If you're looking for a lot of heat, these aren't the ones for you, but these chips are crispy and wonderfully sweet, with a nice bit of spice to keep things interesting.

My rating: 4/5

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