Tuesday 3 March 2015

Today's Review: Tyrrell's Lemon Cupcake Popcorn

With all the savoury popcorn flavours floating around nowadays, it's nice to see some new sweet flavours being added. I haven't dabbled much in Tyrrell's popcorn before, but I certainly couldn't pass up this lemon cupcake flavour. Hell, even lemon flavour would have been enough to tempt me, but this was promising cake as well. What could go wrong?

Well, they put salt on it. Now, don't get me wrong, salted popcorn is fine, it's a classic flavour, but I certainly wasn't expecting it sprinkled over lemon cupcake flavour popcorn, much in the same way I wouldn't expect it sprinkled on an actual lemon cupcake. It sounds like a minor thing, but it really did ruin the experience for me. The lemon flavour is there, sure, but it's only really a strong flavour when you get a build up of flavouring on the crunchier kernels. On the softer, sparser pieces the salt is overwhelming, and while it's certainly adequate for popcorn, I found myself longing for more zest. 

The crunchier kernels did please me though, possessing a bold lemon flavour with a bit of a sour kick, much like the actual frosting on a lemon cupcake. As for the actual cupcake element, I didn't taste it. This could well have been advertised as a lemon popcorn. It's an interesting flavour, and is pulled off quite nicely, but the salt really keeps it from being even tastier. Not sure if I'll be going for it again.

My rating: 3/5

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