Sunday 29 March 2015

Today's Review: Cherry Tango Nanobytes

That reflection of light, that shadow, what a picture. I guess I was too eager to get these in my mouth. I reviewed the Nanobytes range back when they were released, but popping into Wilkinson the other day I saw that there was a flavour I hadn't tried back then. These are cherry flavour, and not just any ordinary cherry, it's Tango cherry. I love me a can of Cherry Tango, so to have it exist in chewy sweet form is pretty sweet. Ha, get it? Sweet.

If you read my previous review (if not, do it now! I even posted the link up there!) you'll know that I prefer Nanobytes to the more established Millions. They're soft and chewy, and don't get stuck in your teeth. The same applies with this variety, they're certainly a joy to consume, and they didn't last long with me. As for the flavour, it's certainly cherry, and I definitely got some hints of the good old Tango flavour as I was chewing. The soft texture of the Nanobytes themselves helped too, lending them a more juicy element. The flavour is perhaps a little too bold, becoming slightly sickly at the end, but hey, I'd rather there be a little too much flavour than not enough. These still make for good eating, a nice cherry flavour to go with the other delicious ones on offer.

My rating: 4/5

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