Wednesday 25 March 2015

Today's Review: Maryland Soft Baked Caramel & Choc Chunk Cookies

If there's one brand of cookies I don't mind devouring entire packs of at once, it's Maryland. Their cookie are nice and small, so I think nothing of eating one after the other, and their crunchy goodness and abundance of chocolate chips helps them go down even better. But now it seems Maryland are extending their reach into the more gourmet side of the cookie market, with this slightly posh looking packet of soft baked cookies. They come in one of those neatly wrapped up little trays, and provide merely eight in a pack, but hey, they're significantly bigger than their crunchy brethren. Besides, I like a good soft baked cookie, so I couldn't pass these up.

I wish that I did though. The packet says soft baked, and they're not wrong. But it's certainly not the kind of softness I'd expect from a cookie. The texture is more like cake than anything, and while you may not think that's a bad thing, it's not like a particularly nice cake. While it's quite soft and slightly chewy, it's also kind of crumbly, and there's a bit of a gritty leftover sugar texture that I certainly couldn't get on board with. The chunks are something of a saving grace, the chocolate is quite nice, and the odd hint of caramel can be found, but there really isn't enough embedded in the cookie to detract from the weird tasting dough. Overall these just taste like a cheap off market brand chocolate chip cake bar. Maryland may be one of the best crunchy cookie makers, but they should seriously rethink their soft bake strategies.

My rating: 1/5

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