Thursday 23 April 2015

Today's Review: Dark Rolos

I can't say Rolos are my favourite chocolate, but I certainly wouldn't pass one up if offered, especially if it's the giver's last one. You can't play with people's emotions like that. I spied this dark chocolate variation last week, but didn't take the plunge, as I'm neither obsessed with Rolos or a fan of dark chocolate. But with slim pickings in the way of new items on the shelves this week, I thought why the hell not, and grabbed a bag.

There's not much to say about the makeup of these. They're Rolos, but with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. The chocolate is only 45% solids, so it's not overly dark, but I'd say it was definitely enough for me. There is a definite hint of bitterness about these, but it's certainly not as bad as I expected. The chocolate is still quite creamy, and the toffee inside certainly helps add to the sweetness. So yes, they're basically like normal Rolos, but with a slightly darker taste. They taste pretty good, but they were just a little too bitter for me to fully enjoy them. I'll stick with the regular versions in future, and while pure dark chocolate fiends may find these a little tame, they are a nice little variation on the original. So why not give them a go?

My rating: 4/5

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