Monday 13 April 2015

Today's Review: Fanta Apple & Sour Cherry

I'm always happy to see a new Fanta flavour on the shelves, especially one with a nice dark red colour. This is an apple and sour cherry Fanta, and while I wasn't sure about the apple, the cherry certainly caught my attention. I've been looking out for this one for a while, and I finally found it in Morrisons today.

Both flavours are represented in this bottle, that's for sure. The first sensation I got, paired with the fizziness of the drink itself, was a nice, tart cherry taste, and it did stay tingling on my tongue for quite a while. It's certainly a bold flavour, but it is perhaps a little too sweet, which does offset the sourness a bit. As for the apple, it soon emerges from the tanginess, and it's reminiscent of apple Tango in taste. Not bad, but also a little sweet, especially when thrown in with the cherry. So yes, both the fruits are nicely represented, but I'm not sure about how they work together. You'd think the apple would provide a nice sweet base from which the cherry can really work its sour magic. But once the apple came to the forefront it just seemed to be fighting the cherry for dominance, both flavours are very bold, and quite tangy, so to have them both vying for my attention didn't make for a great overall taste. This is still quite a nice fruity drink, and worth a try for cherry fans, but it just didn't fare well with my tastebuds. There are a lot more superior Fanta flavours out there where the fruits work nicely together, and I think I'll stick with those.

My rating: 3/5

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