Wednesday 29 April 2015

Today's Review: Vimto Fizzy Rippa

I'm a sucker for anything Vimto, so I was happy to find a sweet I hadn't tried in a Co-Op. This is a Fizzy Rippa, basically a Vimto version of the red metre. That's basically it, a fizzy roll of blackcurrant, grape and raspberry goodness.

I say goodness, but really this didn't sit too well with me. There was a nice fizzy hit when I first took a bite, but that quickly gave way to quite a bland taste. The Vimto flavour did soon come into effect though, and it's certainly in keeping with the rest of their sweets, a bold fruity, undeniably Vimto taste. But it is a little understated, and the texture of the sweet itself does tend to overwhelm it. By the end of the roll the flavour had given way to a gritty, sugary texture that didn't make for a good finish, but there was still a hint of fizziness hanging around that softened the blow a little. This isn't a bad sweet per se, but there are certainly better fizzy rolls out there. A good one to try for Vimto fans, but the red metre is a classic for a reason.

My rating: 3/5

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