Friday, 17 April 2015

Today's Review: Choco Leibniz White

I was recently offered a sample of this new white chocolate variety of Choco Leibniz to review, and it's safe to say I jumped at the chance. I certainly love a pack of Choco Leibniz, and while I lamented the absence of a white version while I was reviewing the recently released Deli Choc, it seems they'd been brewing one up all this time. Unlike other Choco Leibniz flavours, this one is switching it up a little. There's the white chocolate on top, of course, but underneath the biscuit is now undeniably darker, an interesting cocoa offering to replace the classic butter biscuit. It's a bold move, let's see if it pays off. 

The first thing I noted was the striking similarity to the new Pick Up! Black'n White I reviewed a couple of months ago. They're also made by Bahlsen, so technically they should be pretty similar, and they are. The chocolate on top is nice and thick, as is the norm for Choco Leibniz. It's certainly very smooth and creamy, and is worthy of taking the place once held by its milk chocolate brethren. As for the biscuit? Well, I'm not entirely convinced. It's crunchy, yes, chocolatey, sure, but I can't help but feel that something isn't quite right, much like the feeling I had with the Pick Up! The biscuit has quite a dark taste, and while it does complement the chocolate to a certain extent, it does overpower it in the end, meaning the aftertaste is quite a dark, cocoa experience. 

Overall, it's still a nice biscuit, but I wonder if it would have tasted even better if the original butter biscuit was left in place. But hey, it's nice to have something different, and this is a worthy addition to the Choco Leibniz range. So go on, give them a go. You can pick up a pack from Sainsbury's.

My rating: 4/5

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  1. These sound nice, but I agree the butter biscuit would complement it better. I think they're going for the "Oreo" thing with this, cocoa biscuits with a sweet element to balance it out.