Friday 3 April 2015

Today's Review: Ben & Jerry's Utter Peanut Butter Clutter Cookie Core

It's a beautiful day when a new Ben & Jerry's flavour hits the shelves, let alone a whole new line of flavours. Following on from the Core range, we now have Cookie Core ice creams, which boast a sturdy trunk of cookie goodness instead of the gooey, creamy innards of before. They come in a few flavours, but my attention was immediately drawn to this peanut butter offering. It's truly peanut butter through and through, a peanut butter ice cream, smattered with peanut butter cookie chunks, and a peanut butter cookie core running through the middle. So I guess liking peanut butter is a prerequisite for this one, and thankfully, I love it.

I've tried Ben & Jerry's other attempts at peanut butter flavours, and I've loved them all. Thankfully, this one is no different. It contains the wonderfully creamy peanut butter ice cream that was used in Peanut Butter Cup, and although it does sound sickly on paper, it actually tastes pretty light, a nice smooth offering with a great, sweet flavour. But surely the peanut butter cookies will take it over the edge? Well, no. The chunks spread throughout the ice cream are soft and chewy, similar in texture to the pieces you get in the classic Cookie Dough ice cream, but again with a great peanut butter flavour. The core is the main attraction here, and it certainly delivers. It's a fantastic, crunchy, brittle experience with a great gritty texture that unleashes a lot more flavour. The peanut butter is a constant presence throughout the tub, and while it does sound like it would become a little too much after a while, the difference in textures between the cookies and ice cream really help to break it up and deliver a very tasty tub. Peanut butter haters stay away, because this is one for the lovers, and it's a tub that will love you right back.

My rating: 5/5

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