Wednesday 1 April 2015

Today's Review: Robinsons Toffee Apple Tangle Squash

Robinsons have brought out some interesting new squashes with some funky looking characters on the label. Two of the varieties are pretty standard berry and tropical mixes, but this toffee apple offering caught my eye. It certainly is an interesting thing to put in squash, and I certainly wasn't expecting to be blown away, but I thought it was well worth a go.

A purely apple squash is something I'd probably pick up quite often. This one contains some pretty nice apple tones, a slightly tangy, fruity hit that I certainly wouldn't pass up on its own. However, the toffee element just doesn't do it for me. Sure, it tastes like toffee, and sure, toffee apple is a well established flavour. But it just doesn't taste right in liquid form, diluted in water. This squash is sickly, the toffee flavour often overwhelms the apple, making for quite an odd taste. I wasn't sure whether this idea for a squash flavour was a good one, and it really didn't convince me. It's an overly sweet, slightly fruity concoction that I certainly won't be picking up again.

My rating: 1/5

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