Saturday 4 April 2015

Today's Review: Fruit Shoot Peach & Mango

Fruit Shoot is the go to drink for lunchboxes and family outings. They're all pretty tasty, but they've always come in generic flavours that weren't really worth writing about. But I spotted this limited edition the other day and had to try it out, with an interesting combination of peach and mango.

It sounded odd to me, but it actually works quite well. While the mango is a tropical fruit, and I equate peaches with a more British feel (even if they're not natively British), they are pretty good in tandem. Each one has a very unique sweetness, that combines to make a very bold fruity flavour, they don't both fight for your attention, they just get along with each other to provide a lovely juicy taste. If anything it tastes less like a generic fruity drink and more like an experimental Starburst. Don't let that analogy put you off, it may be a little sickly, but it's still a nice refreshing juice. I wouldn't say it would fit in well with the already established range of flavours, but it's certainly a good attempt at something different. So try it out before this limited edition disappears.

My rating: 4/5

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