Thursday 22 February 2018

Today's Review: Hartley's Black Forest Gateau Jelly

Hartley's have released a few jelly flavours based on some classic desserts, and at just 10 calories a pot. Well, the calorie count is good for your waistline, but I wasn't sure how the lack of sugar would affect the flavour. I figured I'd start with the strangest flavour, it's black forest gateau. Cherry jelly, I can get on board with, but how does it turn out in cake form?

Well, I guess there's a reason chocolate jelly isn't a thing. The cherry part is fairly decent, but the fact that it also tastes like chocolate is not ideal. It's not even a great attempt at a chocolate flavour, though I don't see how it's particularly achievable in jelly form. There's not really any hint of cake either, but I don't think that would have improved it at all. So yes, I suppose the right flavours are in place, but just because you can make black forest jelly, doesn't mean you should. It just doesn't taste that good. Let's hope the other desserts fare better.

My rating: 2/5 

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