Saturday 10 February 2018

Today's Review: Fruit-tella 30% Less Sugar Gummies

I was disappointed in the Fruit-tella foam sweets I tried a little while back, but since I hadn't tried all that was on offer I figured I'd go back and set myself up for disappointment all over again. Here we have some gummy sweets with 30% less sugar, compared to other gummy sweets apparently. So basically, they're like the last ones, but with no foam. Which is okay, as the foam wasn't great.

Turns out even without the foam, these aren't particularly good. These are some chewy gummies, sure, but there's not a lot of flavour there. There's a hint of fruitiness in some, such as the raspberry and pear, but it doesn't last long and just devolves into a flavourless, gelatin lump. I should have seen it coming, and actually I did, but at least I can tell you all that Fruit-tella, while fantastic in their sugar-ful forms, are not so good with 30% less sugar. Just stick to the good stuff.

My rating: 2/5


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