Saturday 17 February 2018

Today's Review: My Missing "V" Key

My laptop is slowly disintegrating, as is the fashion when I have small children who use it on occasion. When I bought it my "V" key was somewhat loose, but easy enough to snap back on if it became detached. Ah, the perils of buying second-hand. But now the kids have had their way with this thing, the key has fully come off, and is nowhere to be seen, leaving a gaping hole where the "V" should be.

Thankfully it still works, I just need to shove my fingertip somewhat forcefully into the hole to type the appropriate letter. Some may say it's not a huge loss, "V" isn't exactly one of the most common letters, but just look how much I've just used it. Basically, losing any key is a pain, it's a disruption in the typing flow that I've developed over the years, it's jarring having to change the angle and pressure that I apply to every other key just to get that one letter of the alphabet. I suppose I should stop being lazy and just order another key, but while it's annoying, it's not quite annoying enough to be entirely frustrating. Just mildly inconvenient, and that, perhaps, is the worst of all.

My rating: 1/5

1 comment:

  1. I would be absolutely lost without my V - I use the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste all the time, so I find it's actually one of my most used keys!
    (For that matter - to say nothing of the fact I need it for my name :))