Monday 1 June 2015

Today's Review: Milka Choco Biscuit

You can't beat a good Choco Leibniz biscuit, though many others have tried the same formula. Nothing has quite toppled the classic Bahlsen version, but I was pretty excited when I found this effort from Milka in Menorca. Milka chocolate is awesome, so combine it with those butter biscuits and you've got a winner, right?

The chocolate is certainly top notch, your classic, creamy Milka goodness, and it's a nice thick coating that certainly provides a lot of the flavour. As for the biscuit? Well, it's alright. It's certainly not a butter biscuit, but I wasn't going to let my unwavering opinion of Choco Leibniz get in the way of a good time. Instead this is more of a malted milk style biscuit. It's pretty tasty, but a bit crumbly, so the experience was dampened somewhat. Still, it works well with the chocolate, and this is certainly a biscuit to try out, much like any Milka product is worth a go. Not perfect, but pretty damn tasty.

My rating: 4/5

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