Saturday 13 June 2015

Today's Review: Tesco Vegetarian Kitchen Three Bean Chilli & Rice

I've been working my way through some of the Tesco Vegetarian Kitchen range after being sent a voucher to try some products out, and after painstakingly cooking the sausages and burgers by sticking them in the oven, I thought I'd give myself a break by shoving one in the microwave. This three bean chilli is a good old fashioned ready meal for one, a mixture of cannellini, kidney and butter beans, with some butternut squash thrown in to make up for the lack of meat, and flavoured with jalapeƱo and chipotle. I must say, I couldn't see anything that would make me regret this dish.

Turns out I was right. I know I'm a big meat lover, and the distinct lack of beef was something I was sure I'd notice, but there's really enough going on in here that I didn't miss it all that much. The beans are nice and filling, a good variety of texture throughout, and the butternut squash is present in nice big chunks, providing a nice bit of flavour and substance. The rice is pretty good, certainly a good quality for a microwave meal, and it certainly didn't detract from the experience. There's a lovely bit of spice throughout thanks to the chillies that are chucked in, nothing too hot but certainly a lingering heat that really rounds off a nicely prepared meal. This is definitely my favourite of the vegetarian options I've tried, and is worth picking up, even if you're not a vegetarian.

My rating: 5/5 

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