Thursday 16 January 2014

Today's Review: Galaxy Bubbles Egg

It used to be that Easter only brought about an onslaught of Creme Eggs, but in recent years there have been an influx of chocolate bars in egg form. Cadbury have contributed quite a few, but Mars have been dabbling too, so I was quite tempted when I saw this Bubbles egg. Galaxy Bubbles is the Mars equivalent of the Wispa or the Aero, because for some reason aerated chocolate tastes better. The original Bubbles chocolate bar is indeed amazing, but how does it translate to egg form?

Extremely well, actually. There's a lovely thick outer shell of Galaxy chocolate, in its smooth, creamy, gloriousness. But underneath is a solid chunk of Bubbles chocolate that simply melts in the mouth. Biting through this egg creates a lovely juxtaposition of textures, both delicious, but both melting at different rates. Making your way through this egg is a great chocolatey experience that changes as you savour it. It may not last long due to its size, but this egg is an awesome Easter treat.

My rating: 5/5

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