Sunday 19 January 2014

Today's Review: Phileas Fogg Texas Buffalo Wings Popcorn

There's definitely a popcorn revolution underway at the moment. I've been finding all kinds of weird and wonderful savoury popcorn flavours, and now both Walkers and Phileas Fogg have brought out their own interesting flavoured popcorn. I went for these, because while spicy popcorn was quite alluring, the prospect of both spicy and meaty popcorn was too much to resist. Buffalo wing popcorn? Surely that can't be good. But popcorn is a lot more versatile than it seems. Your standard crisps, for example, are quite solid, and have a distinct texture and flavour that sometimes gets in the way of the flavour. Popcorn, in comparison, is very light and fluffy, and when rolled around in the flavouring of your choosing, allows you to experience it in all its glory. 

This is probably why you never see sweet flavoured crisps, the crisp is a purely savoury treat, but popcorn can go either way, and it's great to see companies starting to put out some fantastic new flavours like this one. The full impact of the flavour is present in every kernel, and it's all at once saucy, meaty and spicy. It's got a great creamy texture, with a spicy kick that kept me going back for more, and the popcorn itself did nothing to impede the rich flavours that were coming out of the coating. At the end of the bag I could safely say that I'm all for savoury popcorn flavours, and I can't wait to try the others that Phileas Fogg have brought out. 

My rating: 5/5

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