Sunday 5 January 2014

Today's Review: Flipz - Milk Chocolate & White Fudge

I first tried Flipz many years ago, they're quite a pricey import from America, and I can never really justify spending too much on them. Cadbury brought out their own chocolate covered pretzels a while back now, and while I did enjoy them, I still longed for these. Thankfully, my local Tesco seem to have found some excess import Christmas stock, so I managed to pick up these two sizeable tubs for a grand total of £4.

As you can probably assume from my aforementioned longing, these pretzels are mightily tasty. The regular milk chocolate variety are probably the best of the two. The pretzels may be quite small, but they're generously coated in creamy chocolate. The flavours work together so well, both sweet and salty, and there's enough coating to ensure that the pretzels don't become too dry and mushy. The white fudge variety are much the same. They may lack the chocolatey nature of the original, but the fudge coating is still generous, creamy and delicious, and gives a nice alternative if you get bored of the regular chocolate. Both these flavours are fantastic, and despite there being so many in each of these boxes, I managed to polish them off quite quickly in a gluttonous frenzy. Look out for Flipz, you'll be glad you tried them.

My rating: 5/5


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    1. I know, I'm tempted to buy up the whole lot and stockpile them, but I'd probably just end up eating £40 worth of pretzels in a few days...