Friday 3 January 2014

Today's Review: Wrists

While they may not be the most important joints in the body, I'm pretty glad I have wrists. No matter how much I use my other joints to walk or move effectively, I still use my hands a lot of the time, and without wrists they would be a lot less useful. Even typing this, while my wrists are not clearly moving to a great extent, I am still aware that the joint is allowing my hands and fingers to move to the correct keys with some speed.

Without wrists we would be bending our arms into all sorts of weird positions to perform the simplest of tasks. Sure, it might be easy to pick things up, but catching a ball? Holding hands? Those activities would involve some weird movements that would probably cause injury. Our hands are very important, they can perform anything from picking up minute objects to punching people in the face (though I can't say I regularly partake in the latter). But without our wrists everything would be a lot harder. Without wrists we may be able to dance the robot more effectively, but everything else would just be annoying.

My rating: 5/5

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