Friday 31 January 2014

Today's Review: "The Brazilian" Mango Mandarin Lucozade

I'm all for a new Lucozade flavour every once in a while, and there have been some very nice limited editions in the last few months. Now there's another one, this interesting mango and mandarin flavour, which has released alongside a Brazilian Guava Lucozade Sport. I'm not really a fan of the still stuff though, so I picked this fizzy glucose treat.

On paper (plastic), this was a good flavour for me. I love orange Lucozade, and I've been a fan of their tropical flavours in the past too. This bottle promises to combine the best of both worlds, and I must admit it does it extremely well. The mango flavour is bold and juicy, with the perfect hint of mandarin to create a flavour quite different from your regular mango drinks. The drink is as refreshing as Lucozade always is, and gives that nice kick of energy too. This is another great, bold fruity flavour from Lucozade, but it might not be around for long, so grab it while you can.

My rating: 5/5


  1. It's a great flavour! I've always been impressed with Lucozade drinks. Have a look at our review

  2. made me throw up, absolutely vile.

  3. it made me throw up, absolutely vile

  4. Love mango and mandarin lucozade buy it regularly