Thursday 2 January 2014

Today's Review: Doritos Jacked Chicken Enchilada Supreme & Spicy Buffalo Wings

Crisps have been around for a while, I understand that. There are still some people out there trying to make interesting new flavours, but for those who don't have too many ideas, there's always the failsafe method of making their flavours more intense. We have extreme Pringles, ridged Walkers, all designed to coat your tongue in seasoning. Now Doritos have brought out these Jacked chips, which do have some kind of different flavours, but instead seem focused on just how much taste they'll be delivering.

Well, that's what they want you to think anyway. I've read the whole packet, and there's nothing to suggest that these chips actually contain more flavouring than the average. The top right says "bigger chips, bold flavour" (bold, not bolder), and the focus of the blurb on the back seems to be that they contain "mind blowing flavour", not of any particular large degree. But these chips have "multi-sensorial flavours", and invite you to "savour the one two punch of flavour", which basically means they're spicy and taste of something else. Oh, and also, these chips are 55% heavier than regular Doritos. I'm not kidding, it says it right here:

But enough about the buzz words. This packet certainly wanted me to think I was experiencing a helluva lot more flavour, but the proof is in the tasting.

Chicken Enchilada Supreme:

"The succulent flavour of roast chicken followed by a wave of sizzling spices". Well, there is a hint of chicken in these one, but I also found them to be quite cheesy, which I guess is fitting to the enchilada part. As for the sizzling spice, I wasn't getting it. So basically, these are like the regular cheese Doritos, with a little hint of chicken. Kinda disappointing, and not really what the packaging hypes them up to be. The chips do feel heavier though, I'm not sure if it's by 55% but it's close.

My rating: 2/5

Spicy Buffalo Wings

"The first wave starts with a creamy sauce and then ends with a spicy buffalo kick". I was actually surprised at the accuracy of this, despite the rest of the buzzwords scattered around the packaging. The chips certainly taste saucy at first, and it's a pretty nice flavour. The spiciness does indeed kick in after, and while not insanely hot, it certainly works well with the sauciness to give a good all round experience. It's not the best flavour of Doritos I've had, and it doesn't have as intense a flavour as you'd expect from chips named "Jacked", but these ones are a lot better than the chicken enchilada flavour.

My rating: 4/5

So there you have it. Don't get dragged in by the buzzwords, these new Doritos aren't a flavour revolution, but they're still worth a go. While I wasn't overwhelmed with the enchilada variety, they're not really my kind of chips anyway, so others may like them. But I can definitely recommend the spicy buffalo wings. Just don't expect to have your tastebuds blown away.

Overall rating: 6/10

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