Sunday, 2 March 2014

Today's Review: Haribo Bubblegum Bottles

The Review Addict reviewed Haribo's Bubblegum Splats but a few hours ago, and while I haven't tried them, it did remind me that I picked up this bag of Haribo Bubblegum Bottles a few weeks back. Bubblegum bottles are a must have for me whenever I get some Candy King pick 'n' mix, they're wonderfully sour, but with a sweet bubblegum taste. I would just keep on eating them if they wouldn't eventually cut my tongue and give me stomach ache. So what could go wrong with a Haribo version? 

Well, these bottles are quite a lot bigger than the Candy King version, and therein lies a problem. The Candy King bottles have the perfect balance of sugar coating and gummy interior, while with the larger Haribo sweeties it's just off. While it all starts out perfectly fine and tasty, there's not enough sourness to win over the vastness of the gum itself. The tartness wears off pretty quickly, leaving a slightly flavoursome, but nowhere near as appealing, gummy sweet. I actually found myself not wanting to finish the bag, and that would never happen with my old favourite. This Haribo version is, quite frankly, inadequate. Edible, certainly, but not overly enjoyable.

My rating: 3/5


  1. Hi mate - where did you purchase these from, I've been trying to find them everywhere but to no avail!

    1. I found them in Poundland. Bit of a tricky one, as they seem to have different things every time I go in there.

  2. These sweets are just horrid 🤢 🤮, SO sour, how can anyone possibly like them?!?! People really have shit tastes sometimes... 🙄