Saturday 1 March 2014

Today's Review: Wet Socks

Huzzah, the seemingly never ending bad weather appears to have ended, which means Spring can... spring. While I certainly haven't endured the hardships that many have during the heavy rains and flooding, I certainly have become reacquainted with one of mankind's worst enemies: Wet socks.

Socks are meant to protect us, keep us warm and dry. But once they come into contact with water they'll absorb it like a sponge (or piece of fabric), and make every step a cold, soggy nightmare. Granted, it's probably my fault that I don't own any weather appropriate shoes, but that doesn't change the fact that wet socks are the worst. Not only do they make you cold and miserable, but prolonged exposure could even cause trench foot, which could lead to gangrene. How can it be that socks, upon coming into contact with what they're meant to protect you from, will suddenly be on a mission to kill your feet? Water is the socks' catalyst for becoming a super villain, and wet socks are an evil that must not be allowed to spread. Because they suck, bad.

My rating: 0/5


  1. Ha ha!! I absolutely LOVE it when you do one of these mental reviews. Absolutely hilarious! Keep up the good work, this review made me laugh so hard I've gobbed a load of tea all over my monitor. Which is not good because I'm at work.

    1. That does not sound good. I can't say I've experienced the effect of tea gobbed on monitors, but I have witnessed the aftermath of a phone's immersion in tea. The results were... unsatisfactory.