Thursday 27 March 2014

Today's Review: Skittles Desserts

We may have finally got Wild Berry Skittles in the UK, but that doesn't mean there aren't more being churned out elsewhere. I picked up this interesting pack in Mr. Simms, and although it boasts the usual array of colours in different shades, the flavours are inspired by desserts rather than fruit. There's key lime pie, orange creme, strawberry milkshake, raspberry sorbet and blueberry tart. How could I resist all those?

These are definitely still very Skittle-like. The flavours are very bold and fruity, and sometimes this overwhelms the other components that make up the flavours. The blueberry tart just tastes like very strong blueberry, and while it's nice, there's no hint of tart at all. Same goes for the raspberry, while it does taste a little bit lighter, all I could pick up was the fruit itself. The rest of the flavours are pretty damn good though. The strawberry milkshake is like your regular strawberry, subdued with a nice milky hint, the key lime pie has hints of meringue throughout, and the orange creme tastes just like the middle of the awesome Quality Street chocolate of the same name. 

These dessert flavoured Skittles are a great idea, and for the most part one that's pulled off pretty well. It does suffer from some flavours being a bit bold, but they still taste good. If you see a pack around I suggest you pick it up.

My rating: 4/5

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  1. Available online from too. Lush.