Friday 28 March 2014

Today's Review: Maynards Discovery Patch

I'm always happy when a new bag of sweets comes along, as I often get tired of eating chocolate and biscuits. Actually, that's a dirty lie, but I certainly do enjoy trying new gummy sweets, and Maynards has delivered with their new Discovery Patch range. The bags comes in three types: Animals, Body Bits, and the one I picked up, Myths & Monsters. They all seem to contain pretty much the same sweets, but in different shapes.

As you can see, the sweets are in several fun forms. Yeti, dragon, mermaid, vampire, unicorn, it was enough to get my kids rifling through to choose their favourite mystical creature. As for the taste? Well, they're actually pretty nice. The yeti up there tasted much like the milky sweets you get in Haribo, while some of the gummies tasted just like Wine Gums, and others tasted entirely different. Some had foam backing as well, so there are enough flavour varieties to keep you interested, and they're all very bold and fruity. Unfortunately, they do suffer from the same problem as regular Wine Gums, in that the flavours are a bit too strong and can get overwhelming after a few sweets. But these are some cool sweets presented in a fun way that are certainly worth picking up if you have some easily pleased children. They're not the best sweets I've tasted, but I enjoyed them.

My rating: 4/5

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