Wednesday 12 March 2014

Today's Review: Wonka Nerdalicious

Though Wonka have only just emerged after a long absence in the UK, and only with a few flavoured chocolate bars, they are a big presence in other countries, churning out all kinds of sweeties. One of their biggest products is, of course, Nerds, and while there are many flavour to choose from, which are invariably awesome, that doesn't stop Wonka going the extra mile and shoving them into other sweet treats. Case in point, the Wonka Nerdalicious.

This is a weird one. It's a chewy, grape flavoured rope, which is filled with a bright green sour centre, which itself is filled with Nerds. It doesn't sound like it would work, especially the sweet grape flavour combined with a sour centre, but it really does. The middle isn't too sour, and it has a nice tang that blends with that lovely artificial sweet grape taste. The Nerds add a nice crunch too, along with a different kind of tanginess, to create and overall sour, yet sweet, experience. It's another great product from Wonka, that Nerd and grape sweetie lovers can all enjoy.

My rating: 5/5

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