Monday 31 March 2014

Today's Review: Tesco Pizza & Choco Cheese Dippers

Cheese dippers are a lunchbox institution. There's nothing quite like dipping breadsticks in cream cheese for a tasty snack, and over the years the formula has remained pretty much unchanged. I did review Dairylea's interesting new flavours a while back, but now Tesco have gone even further and released these two interesting cheese dipper flavours.

The pizza dippers contain your regular breadsticks, but with a tomato flavoured cheese to dip them in. The cheese itself is quite thick, but it certainly has a nice smooth tomato flavour that isn't too overwhelming. Of course, all the flavours put together gives you cheese, tomato and bread, so it does indeed taste like you're eating a pizza. Very tasty.

The choco cheese variety is probably the most interesting. This pack contains sweet breadsticks, with a chocolate flavoured cheese. Obviously that gives it a nice cheesecake-like taste. and while the breadsticks are sweet, they don't distract from the lovely flavour of what you're dipping them in. There's enough cheese in either pack to generously coat the dippers too, and that's another thing that pleases me.

So if you're bored of your regular cheese dippers, look no further than Tesco. These are some interesting new flavours that put a yummy spin on an old classic. Well worth a try.

My rating: 10/10

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