Saturday 15 March 2014

Today's Review: Haribo Orangina Pik

I have returned from my travels to Disneyland, and while my meals consisted mostly of overpriced fries and continental breakfast buffet, I did manage to pick up a couple of interesting bags of sweeties at the train station. The one that intrigued me the most was this bag of Orangina Haribo gummies. Now, I don't have much experience with Orangina, since it's quite hard to find in the UK, but I did buy a bottle alongside these for sake of comparison. The drink is pretty nice, distinctly orangey, even if there is a bit of pulp in there (pulp is the devil).

I must say, these sweets are pretty authentic. The orange tastes just like the drink, and it has a nice sour kick to it. These gummies also come in pink and red varieties though, and while I didn't have drinks to compare them to (although I think they do exist somewhere) it didn't stop me enjoying them. The darker colours seemed a lot more tangy than the orange, and each one has bold, fruity undertones. These are tasty, sour sweets that are definitely worth a try if you're into Orangina, or even if you've never drunk the stuff.

My rating: 5/5


  1. This is such a cool find! I used to love Orangina as a kid just because of the unique shaped bottles. I haven't tried it in ages. A shame these Haribo aren't available in the UK!

    1. I know. I only popped into the train station next to Disneyland and they had quite a few varieties that we don't have over here. Could only grab a couple though, since most of my money was going on aforementioned overpriced meals.