Friday 7 March 2014

Today's Review: Tango Intense Citrus

Tango is a pretty classic drink, especially in its orange form. There aren't any variations in flavour, but they're all good. Tango have recently ventured into the confectionery business, with some interesting results, but they haven't churned out any new flavours for a while. Until now.

Here we have Intense Citrus, which is an orange, lemon and lime blend. Sounds a bit like Lilt, without the pineapple. Well, that's pretty much how of describe the taste too. It's like Lilt, but it's not. While I did Lilt to be quite bitter, this Tango actually has a much bolder, juicier flavor. The orange is clearly the leader of the bunch, and while the bitterness of the lemon and like is definitely noticeable, it's balanced out very nicely with some sweetness. This is a great flavoured drink, and another hit from Tango.

My rating: 5/5

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