Friday 14 March 2014

Today's Review: Birthday Cake M&Ms

M&Ms may only come in a few varieties in the UK, but I've tried quite a few of the flavours found stateside. Still, I was surprised to find birthday cake M&Ms in my local Mr. Simms. M&Ms and birthday cake? Can't go wrong with that combination.

Upon first inspection, these just look like ordinary chocolate M&Ms. Perhaps slightly fatter, but the inside is uniformly chocolatey. But once I started chewing I found they tasted a little different. The chocolate is heavier, with a slightly doughy texture. Once I popped a few in I also got a hint of frosting. Pretty weird from what looked like regular old M&Ms, but I couldn't complain. While I was expecting to be disappointed from the look of my first bite, I ended up with a mouthful of what amounted to an M&M birthday cake. Since that's what it says on the packet, I can't help but recommend them. If you like cake and M&Ms, i.e. you're not weird, hunt down a pack of these.

My rating: 5/5


  1. I didn't know these were already available in the UK! I'll have to check out my local Mr. Simms. Great find :)

  2. Love the sound of these...not a bad price too!