Thursday 18 December 2014

Today's Review: Kit Kat Toffee Treat

Kit Kat have really been stepping up their game recently, bringing out some pretty nice new flavours. Their double caramel effort from a few months back was particularly nice, and while I may be a little late in picking up these new toffee Kit Kats, I was definitely looking forward to giving them a go.

There's not all that much to say about these. They certainly do look the part, with a light brown chocolate occupying the top three quarters of the fingers. This is where the toffee resides, in the form of a flavoured white chocolate. It sells pretty damn good, and it's a nice choice, as the chocolate is light enough to really let the flavour come through, and it's certainly a very bold one, a distinct toffee taste that permeates through the classic biscuit filling and the regular chocolate underside. It's pretty much a classic Kit Kat, with a very tasty new topping. I'll definitely be buying some more in the future.

My rating: 5/5

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