Saturday 21 February 2015

Today's Review: Curiously Cinnamon

I tried out some cheap cinnamon squares from Tesco the other week, and while I wasn't too fond of them, I felt ready to confront my childhood nightmare and give Cinnamon Grahams a go. Well, since my traumatic experience they've had a name change and visual overhaul, but I assume they taste much like they did back then.

Well, they're cinnamon flavoured squares, that's for sure, but these are of pretty high quality. They certainly don't possess the fantastic crunchiness of Golden Grahams, but there's definitely a nice crunch to them. I wouldn't flood these with milk, they seem like they'd get soggy pretty quickly, but with just a splash I had a pretty good experience throughout. As for the flavour, it's not bad at all. Slightly spicy, pretty sweet, with a nice texture provided by the cereal itself. They are a little powdery, meaning the cinnamon can overwhelm a little in places, but on the whole I wasn't worried about grabbing another bowlful the next day, which is good as I picked up a massive box. 

I have faced up to my cinnamon fears. I have conquered the cereal that sparked my grandmother telling me off that one time, and I've found it's actually pretty tasty. If you're into your cinnamon, these make for an interesting breakfast cereal. But then hey, you've probably had these already. As for me, I'll definitely still choose Golden Grahams over Curiously Cinnamon.

My rating: 4/5

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