Tuesday 3 February 2015

Today's Review: Warburtons Milk Roll

I like bread, but bread is not particularly good for you. I've been counting calories later, and a regular two-slice sandwich can set you back upwards of 250 on bread alone. So when I spotted this small, round loaf of bread on the shelves, I knew it would be a good food item for dieters. Actually, it was the cute cartoon cow that caught my attention, but the first but still stands.

This is a milk roll, a small, cylindrical loaf of bread. Each slice is pretty small, but at only 47 calories I wasn't complaining. I think the best thing about this loaf is that it's round. Why do sandwiches always have to be rectangular or square? So many sandwich fillings are round, from ham to tomato, so having a bread shape to suit them makes for some neat looking, uniformly filled sandwiches.

Aesthetics aside, this is some damn good bread. We regularly buy Warburtons Toastie as its a lovely soft white that makes great toast, and the milk roll is pretty much the same. Each slice is quite thin, but it's certainly very soft, well worthy of sticking in the toaster or just loading up with fillings. This is a very tasty bread that's great for a low calorie snack, and also for kid's lunchboxes. I'll most likely be picking up more in the future.

My rating: 5/5


  1. You've uncovered my secret! I use this for my work sandwiches every day and am only slightly embarrassed it's really for kids haha - it's the calories that are the main bonus, for me, but I love its doughiness too.

  2. Wow, such a myth that people think bread is unhealthy. My mum is a dietician and says that bread is one of the healthiest foods for you!

  3. I agree so much with this review! One thing I don't think was mentioned was the weight of bread. The average slice of toastie Warburton's is around 9.6g I beleive, and when eating it can sometimes leave you bloated. But when I weighed one slice of Milk Roll in at 4.2g, both me and my stomach after eating it noticed a massive difference ;) (also pretty good toasted).

    1. Well i am given it a go to see if it help me what good enough for the little ones is food enough for the big ones

  4. I have recently changed to tbis bread it makes tastier sandwiches and is better for the waistline

  5. Not to mention, it's got 9.4% protein in it, which is similar to oats.