Tuesday 24 February 2015

Today's Review: Kellogg's Krave Choco Roulette

I often have trouble deciding what cereal to have in the mornings. Something sugar coated? A chocolatey number? Maybe a blander offering? Sure, I don't have an extensive selection of cereals to go for at any one time, but it would be nice if the choice was taken from me sometimes. I guess that's what Kellogg's are trying to do here with this new Krave Choco Roulette. It at least takes the choice of Krave varieties off your mind, by mixing them all up together. Yes, this cereal combines four flavours of Krave in one box, so it's anyone's guess what you'll get in any given spoonful.

I do love a bowl of Krave, and having tried both the milk chocolate and chocolate hazelnut flavours, I was looking forward to trying out the white chocolate and caramel that are introduced in this box. Unfortunately the only way I could try them was to take a wild guess at what each pillow contained. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by each flavour, the white chocolate is nice, light and creamy, while the caramel has a very sweet hint to it. But the real experience should come from having a bowl full of random, chaotic flavours, and while it certainly is a nice crunchy experience that is extremely chocolatey, mixed together it doesn't have too much of an impact. There are hints of white chocolate, hazelnuts and caramel, but since the milk chocolate is so prevalent that's the main flavour that I took away. Still, it's a nice filling bowl of cereal, certainly delicious. This is a neat idea from Kellogg's, but it's up to you if you want to take a gamble. Ha, get it? Because it says "Roulette".

My rating: 4/5


  1. Oh wow this is brilliant! This is my son's favourite cereal so I'll have to pick up a box for him soon.

  2. Krave is horrible, you need to go to Lidl and get some Crownfield Nougat Pillows, their a much higher quality product(yet cheaper than Krave) and taste like Nutella in cereal form.

    1. I'll look out for those. I can't say Krave is my favourite cereal, but a better version would definitely be interesting.