Saturday 7 February 2015

Today's Review: The Trivial Pursuit Wedge

Is it cheese? Is it pie? Or is it even cake? The nature of the wedge has been long been debated, but in reality the form of food you associate it with is not important. The wedge is symbolic of something else, a victory in a struggle to answer a very specific question. Will it be the category of your choice? It doesn't matter, you need to get them all to win.

There are many versions of Trivial Pursuit, but the wedge is the same. Whether you're going for the classic, or a more specific edition like Disney or Lord Of The Rings, the wedge remains the same. It's an iconic piece of board game history. Not quite the same level as the die, but the die is representative of luck. The wedge is a testament to knowledge. Show anyone a Trivial Pursuit wedge and they'll know what it is, whether they love it or hate it. The wedge itself is unassuming, a well designed piece of board game history, and it deserves to be celebrated. As for me, I think it's pie.

My rating: 5/5

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