Monday 2 February 2015

Today's Review: Reese's Pieces Eggs

Easter is coming, and the shelves are filling up with novelty versions of your favourite treats. In recent years I have been delighted by the expanding range of Reese's peanut butter snacks that have graced our shores, and I was excited to find a couple in the seasonal aisle of Tesco. Aside from an Easter Bunny version of the peanut butter snowman, I found this sizeable box of Reese's Pieces Eggs.

Basically, they're what they say on the box. Big Reese's Pieces that are shaped like eggs. They're the same size as Mini Eggs, so it's a significant increase in size from the Pieces, and while I was immediately worried that the increase in filling would be far too sickly, I still had to give them a go. After all, even the chock full snowman was a damn good treat. 

The shell is a nice thick offering, pretty much the same as you'd find in a pack of Mini Eggs. It certainly doesn't have the same texture though, opting for a more shiny exterior, while still being quite brittle throughout. The peanut butter filling is as awesome as ever, a creamy, sweet, smooth chunk of goodness that is definitely filling, but isn't all that sickly. A few eggs may have been enough for me overall, but I definitely enjoyed eating them. This is a nice big box of eggs that should last for a few servings, and it's a nice, interesting treat for Easter.

My rating: 5/5

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  1. Oh yum I love Reese's pieces - I never saw these when I was in Tesco otherwise I definitely would have picked some up.