Sunday 14 February 2016

Today's Review: Market Deli Sweet Chilli With Dorset Sour Cream Pita Chips

I've always meant to try out more of the Market Deli flavours, but I rarely find them at a price that I really want to bite at. They're on offer at Tesco now though, and these ones caught my eye. Not only do they promise a spicy flavour, they're pita chips instead of the regular potato. They sounded pretty delicious to me.

These are some thick chips, and they have an extremely satisfying crunch. They definitely have that pita taste, and a nice rough texture to boot. The flavouring is pretty well done, there's a creamy undertone of sour cream, with a very subtle but warming spice layered on top. It's very sweet and smooth, but unfortunately it is lost quite a bit to the flavour of the chips themselves. Since they're so thick, and don't taste like all that much, overall they end up tasting a little bland. These chips are something different, sure, and they're not bad, but they could be better. At least the flavour is nice and authentic, and it's piqued my interest in trying out the other Market Deli varieties.

My rating: 3/5

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