Saturday 20 February 2016

Today's Review: Boost Energy Winter Spice

Winter is almost over (hopefully), but there's still time to enjoy some winter themed goods. I normally gloss over the cheaper brands of energy drinks, but this striking purple can caught my eye the other day. It's a Boost energy drink with a "plum and winter spice" flavour.

Despite the regular Boost drinks not being all that great, I must say this one was very good. It has a bold, fruity flavour at its core, definitely reminiscent of plum. It's not quite as sweet as I'd hoped, but it's a full and tasty flavour. The spice is pretty authentic too, it does encroach on the fruit a little, but overall it's a mellow, warming spice that complements the rest of the drink quite nicely. This is a surprisingly good energy drink, comparable to the likes of Monster and Relentless, and is worth picking up while 'tis still the season.

My rating: 4/5

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