Saturday 27 February 2016

Today's Review: George's Batman And Spider-Man Dresses

We don't make it to Asda all that much, it's on the other side of town and there are plenty of places in between to satisfy our food shopping needs. But occasionally we make it over there, and having three small children in tow means we can take advantage of the pretty impressive range of kids clothing provided by George. Something they do particularly well is dressing up, and I was impressed further still when I spotted these dresses in the theme of Batman and Spider-Man.

These are, shall we say, unconventional, sure, but to me that's only a good thing. I'm not going to advocate myself as a champion of gender identity, but I will say that superheroes are not just for boys. My kids are into all manner of things, some which are not specifically aimed at their gender, but I won't do anything to discourage that, they can like whatever they want. My youngest daughter is very into dresses, bags and jewellery, but she also plays with her older brother's superheroes. As soon as I picked up one of these Spider-Man dresses, she latched onto it, and with her third birthday just around the corner we stuck it in the trolley. These dresses are great. I know that any girl wanting to be a superhero could go for the more conventional dressing up, but these satiate the desire for anyone (yes, even boys) who wants to be a kick-ass superhero, while also wearing a sparkly dress.

What I find particularly great about these is that they're fashioned after the main, male superheroes. It would have been an easy out to make them Batgirl and Spider-Girl, and that's actually what they're listed as on the website, but while Spider-Man and -Girl's costumes are pretty much the same in the comics, the other dress up there is unmistakeably Batman. Who wants to be relegated to second rate superhero position when they can be the main man, complete with a glittery dress? I heartily congratulate George for bringing out these awesome dresses. It's a great statement against gender stereotyping, and I have no doubt my daughter's gonna be an awesome Spider-Man.

My rating: 5/5

Edit: Looks like these are also available at Tesco, so good on those guys too. Plus, they come in Captain America and Superman versions too. Time to empty my wallet...

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